Pay Per Click Ads

Pay Per Click Networks

When people consider pay-per-click advertising, they tend to think of Google Adwords because it generates the most traffic. Whilst this is true, there are so many other options which are both cheaper and easier to get approved with. We have listed the most popular ones below and highly recommend you check out Facebook Ads as they generate a great deal of traffic. Yahoo and Microsoft are good too.

Below this list, you will find some example ads you can use on any of these networks as well as some targeted keywords.

Ad Text Examples:

Ad Text Examples:

High Traffic Keywords

Here are some targeted keywords that you can use in your pay-per-click & SEO campaigns which will turn your traffic into cash!

Product Images

Either copy and paste the code in the boxes into the source of your web page where you would like the graphic to appear… or ‘right click’ on the graphic and select ‘save picture as’ if you want to download the image to your computer.

Make sure you add your affiliate ID in place of the ‘XXXX’ if you copy and paste the code.

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